On behalf of One Step Forward Consultancy (OSFC) it is an honour and privilege to invite you, your colleagues, and friends to participate in our forthcoming International Safeguarding Children Conference 2019 to be held on Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th May 2019 at the Jamaica Conference Centre, Kingston.

It is an exciting time as we continue to lift the ‘quality and legacy’ of the conference with each staging. We listen to our stakeholders and implement their recommendations to ensure that what we are presenting is meaningful and tangible for the audiences we target.

There are to be new initiatives introduced for this year’s conference such as our social work learning and development services and partners.

Further, the placements of students and volunteers in the key social work agencies in Jamaica. In addition, the ‘Every Child Matters in the Caribbean Projects’ in aid of our four sponsor schools.

Join us and other specialists in children’s welfare and youth services in attendance at this conference and the events to be held in Jamaica 2019. We will discuss and address mutual challenges, share information, experiences, and knowledge.

You can make a difference and be a part of the ‘legacy in the lives you touch’. So, I thank you for being part of this vision and our journey striving to make the change though the generations.

Patricia McKenzie-Thomas
Director of One Step Forward Consultancy


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